A minimalistic and unique jewelry shop showcasing boldness and design rather than gaudiness and extravagance. Khabari’s lighting design concept behind this project were inspired by the identity of the shop itself, a simple yet sophisticated lighting solution. The challenge of this project is to make sure that the necessary lux levels on main feature areas within the jewelry store is achieved as it is vital in order to create accentuation and focus on fundamental elements. With this, many showcase lights were placed for each box to illuminate and allow all the jewelry to shine. We also developed this custom made chandelier with 2700K to bring some warmth to the ambient area as well as compliment the gold jewelry when clients walk in.

Khabari’s goal was to ensure that a concealed illumination was used, to avoid glare for the clients, yet create concentration on the products inside the display cases as well as track lights to create focal glow on the main wall where more display cases were displayed as well ensure that there was ambient illumination within the space. A decorative lighting centerpiece is placed in a space where the fixture will create and showcase the overall theme and identity of the shop.


Architect : Babnimnim
Lighting Design & Supply : Khabari