Public Institute of Social Security (PIFFS)


One of Kuwait’s governmental institution with unique structural design. Khabari’s input to this project was to re-instate the existing Façade lighting system with the latest LED technology. The concept behind this lighting solution was to use two types of lights which will define the complete architectural structure of the building.The challenge part was to change the lighting system that was built 10-12 years back with LED lighting system. We had to carefully study the existing wiring (electrical & data) systems to ensure there will be no major modifications required as it is an effectively operational building.The lights used were designed such that we had reduced quantity of hardware’s involved in the control of the complete system.In the main façade of the building two lines of acrylic tubes with LED pixel lines in them are installed which highlights the building façade and the height. The building was designed with recessed up lights in the balcony of each floor.Our goals are to use a system that will enable to integrate both types of light fittings to play scenarios together in synchronization with each other. Such systems also give the flexibility to add more lights into the same system with bare minimum addition of hardware components.


Owner : Wafra Real Estate

Consultant : Gulf Consult

Main Contractor : Khabari

Lighting Installation & Supply : Khabari