Ooredoo HQ (Façade Lighting)

Ooredoo HQ (Façade Lighting)A custom designed project for one of the telecommunications providers in Kuwait for the complete façade. Khabari’s concept behind the lighting design of this project is to maximize the building’s 3 dimensional effect in the Kuwait skyline as well as enrich the concept of the company into the lighting solution by communicating through the building to the public. The challenge for this project was to ensure that the fixtures provided would not disrupt the view from the inside and to provide a well-studied the correct pixel pitch to allow visibility from the outside. We created a high quality view ability from the different viewing angles. The installation for this project was a complete internal installation being integrated between the mullions. We also ensured that there was no disruption from the interiors after sunset. This implementation of media façade was first introduced by Khabari in Kuwait for the Ooredoo HQ (formerly known as Wataniya) which includes a complete interactive system with motion sensors as well as 3D graphics. Khabari’s design goal for this projects was to make the tower’s media façade fully interactive with all types of content, a system with no boundaries.


Owner: Ooredoo

Consultant: Dar Al Futoor Al Asfoor

Main Contractor: First United

Main Electrical contractor: Gulf Engineering

Lighting Design: Khabari

Lighting Installation & Supply: Khabari