Kuwait Towers

Kuwait Towers Kuwait Towers is the latest project of Khabari international. An urban monument that symbolizes Kuwait’s progressive and economic renaissance as well as a world’s cultural and tourist landmark. Khabari’s intervention in this project was to study the unique shape of the architecture and creating a complete customized solution which is project oriented for the Kuwait landmark creating lights around the spheres was challenging, however Khabari has developed the best solution for it.The challenge for this project was to integrate a 40 year old electrical system into the most advanced technology to date, by following the MEW’s regulations. We integrated our systems into the towers without drilling a nail or holes onto the structure, to preserve the Kuwait landmark. We built our whole lighting solutions to collaborate with the site restrictions.The project includes 248 thousand LEDs to highlight all the aspects of the architecture & lighting technology to create a homogeneous outcome. Each single LED used in this project is individually addressed to create a full interactive scenario. Khabari has kept the identity of the landmark, merging the atmosphere and vibes surrounding the towers to blend the highest standards of scenarios, using customised media content creation. This content integrates with a 360 degree viewing angles. There are days in which we have programmed the towers to reflect the culture through geometric & artistic pieces of art to portray the modern-day Kuwait as well as other days in which will reflect the significance of nature in our day to day life.


Owner : Touristic Enterprise Company
Design : Khabari International General Trading & Contracting
Main Contractor : Khabari International General Trading & Contracting
Lighting Supplier & Designer : Khabari International General Trading & Contracting