Central Bank of Kuwait


The central bank of Kuwait New HQ building is located in Sharq area of Kuwait City. It’s prime location in-between the Albabtain library and the proposed heritage village site, and opposite to the Seif Palace. The central bank of Kuwait new HQ’s unique shape and careful integration of the LED luminaires will make this skyscraper significant in the Kuwait city’s skyline. The building façade would be a combination of media and lighting which is integrated to the building structure. The unique lighting design will provide a dynamic lighting by showing different colors and brightness in times.The design is to highlight the aesthetic features of the building elevation like the triangular shape of the building and dia-grids. We created a display screen which would be viewable at ground level as well as creating a distinctive feature. The screen feature as well as the dia-grid can be used individually as well as combined to utilize the flexibility of the system. The concept behind façade 2 & 3 was to emphasize the concrete structures extruded from the buildings architecture and glass lantern so that the beauty of the architecture is highlighted at night. The glass lantern was developed to create a glowing crown on the structure as a symbolical element to the importance of the Central Bank of Kuwait.The car park roof illumination was incorporated to highlight the complete building as a whole lighting solution in synchronization with the media façade. Design Theory for the Main Façade The grand unique shape of the architectural building needs to be highlighted in order to emphasize the structural element and enhance its appearance in the Kuwait Skyline. Design Theory of Glazed Lantern The very unique element of the back side façade is the glass lantern at the top with its sharp elegant feature which is very visible in the day time. We wanted to maintain this unique piece to be emphasized visually during the night while avoiding any disruption to the internal lighting as well as not having any reflection on the glass.


Owner : Central Bank of Kuwait
Consultant : PACE & HOK
Lighting Design : Khabari
Lighting Installation & Supply: Khabari